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Many people that fish get the bug to try tournament fishing, and a fishing club is a good way to check it out without spending a lot of money. Clubs can also be fun, you meet some great folks and you can learn more about fishing.

Ever consider joining a club. There is sure to be one near you. And there are clubs in many countries other than the US and Canada. You should be able to find a club that is looking for no-boat fishermen, so you do not need a boat to join. Some clubs are team format where you and a friend fish the tournaments together. Some allow individuals to fish by themselves. Even others have tournaments without weigh-ins. The competitors keep up with their catch during the day and release the fish immediately.

Many clubs have a theme. Almost all fishing clubs have a conservation effort as part of their club. Some focus on smallmouth. Most have some kind of kids fishing event and make an effort to promote youth fishing. Military clubs are often found around bases. Other clubs center around one particular lake. The women bass fishermen sometimes have their own clubs, just for them, but many clubs are co-ed. There are also college clubs. A national association for hearing impaired bass fishermen has clubs in several state.

Local clubs usually are part of a national group. Some clubs are beginning to have their own private lakes to fish, rather than focusing on tournaments.

Many clubs have a web page and some have interesting info. Almost all run club rules, tournament results, how to join the club and pictures, but there are also "stolen boat updates," club members' fishing stories and fishing updates. There are even classified ads on some sites, and others promote educational articles to help you learn, even to knot tying instructions. You can also find archived club newsletters.

Consider joining a local fishing club for fun, fellowship and education! There are 310 fishing club links for you to choose from!


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